Author’s design for park benches

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Users of the old Plaza Sainz, west of the city of Durazno, highlighted the features of “comfort and safety” offered by the new street furniture placed this week in place.

This is reinforced concrete benches, transport and installation easy, accessible to people with mobility and low environmental impact difficulties. They are part of Mento project, an initiative of the Uruguayan Sofia Orellano recently selected by the Inter-American Development Bank at the “Develop Solutions: To Improve Lives in Cities”. So far only they had been placed in 61 Highschool Montevideo (Cerro). As they related to El País, men and women of the neighborhood nearby Sainz Square, expressed that benches have “a style that allows you to enjoy a comfortable rest, better than traditional outdoor benches”. Mariela Fumero, in charge of the place he said: “Now I’ll quickly come to take a bitter, sweet or good (mate).” The idea was also recognized by the Competitive Fund of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The space opened in Durazno (Uruguay) has 10 banks that integrate with the existing furniture in the public space. The installation of the parts of this project was inaugurated with the presence of departmental mayor, Carmelo vidalin, Works director Raul Montero and neighbors, plus the creator of Mento.

No graffiti
The idea of Mento is to provide furniture that is easy to install, have a customizable configuration concerning layout and colors, which are economical for installation and maintenance free. They have also been featured by having an ergonomic structure specially designed to address different groups of the population. Currently there are five pieces developed and are in stages of new design lines. According Orellano, “how Mento brings to cities is being efficient with the resources they already have, what they save on maintenance of street furniture can dump to cover other needs” of the city. Orellano has a degree in industrial design, journalist and photojournalist. Looking ahead to the coming months, working alongside other professionals in developing decorated with anti-graffiti paint pieces. It also plans to install sensors on the banks to evaluate the use of parts and information also on citizens habits in relation to them.


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